Relaxing Summer Days

Teacher life can get so busy and crazy during the school year, am I right?  I find it so difficult to find time to do anything before or after school besides eat and sleep and binge watch Netflix after putting my own kids to bed.  Summer is a great time to stop and breathe and get some of those things done on your personal to do list that you struggled to find the motivation to accomplish during your limited time to recharge each day after a big day at work.  Because, let’s be honest, every day is a big day at work when you are a teacher!

Summer is a must for teachers, a time to relax and refuel that passion and desire for the classroom so that we can tackle another school year come fall.  Here are a few ideas and suggestions for making the most of your summer days!

Books, Books, Books

Read a book, or five, you didn’t have time to read this school year!  I’m not talking about teacher books but books YOU want to read just because you want to.  Don’t get me wrong, teaching books are great and so important for our growth and learning as educators but you need some pleasure reading as well.  Books that say “I’m more than just a teacher” and give you that passion and drive to live life well and to the fullest, books that will motivate you to be a better person both in and out of the classroom.  And if you find that fiction romance novels are books that you want to read this summer then you read those novels!

Get Outside

Spend time on your deck, at the beach, taking a hike.  There is something so cleansing and peaceful about being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air.  My husband is also a teacher and he LOVES spending time outside working the land and creating beautiful landscaping that we can enjoy while sitting on our deck!

Time With Friends

I find it nearly impossible to connect with friends on a consistent basis throughout the school year. Summer is a time of less commitments and more spontaneity in my home which offers more opportunities to get out and go see those people that mean so much to us.  Be intentional about using your summer days and time to reconnect and build meaningful bonds that will weather the school year when you aren’t feeling as free and able to meet up as often.

How do you love to spend your summer days?  Find something that brings you joy this summer and let this summer be a time of peace and joy in your life!