Favorite Math Classroom Tools

In the past nine years I have used a bunch of supplies in my high school math classroom. There are tons and tons of awesome options out there but these five have been some of my best and favorite go to items after all the years and all the classes. I’m not sure I could make it through a school year without these five things!

1.) Dry Erase Pockets – Don’t forget the erasers and markers too! These cut back on waste and allow your students to use templates again and again. I have had these since I started teaching and they are still in great shape!!

2.) Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens – Best pens/markers I have ever used! These are my go to for correcting assessments, making answer keys, and writing in my favorite planner.

3.) X-acto sharpener – This electric pencil sharpener was a gift from our school guidance counselor to all teachers who proctored the ACT a few years back and it is my favorite! It works great and I am so grateful to have it.

4.) Pre-Sharpened Pencils – The number one item my students (specifically my underclassmen) forget to bring to class is a writing utensil. Of all the things I have to discuss with them and work with them on in math class I have come to personally feel I don’t want to fight about pencils so I always have pre-sharpened pencils on hand!

5.) Post-It Super Sticky Easel Pad Flip Chart Paper – These have been a newer addition to my list of favorite supplies! I love having my students create math posters/projects on them and then hang them up around my room.

What makes your list of favorite math classroom supplies?